Our Story

"After hearing a performance by Chi & Greg, you may get the feeling this duo is tapping into something deep below the surface." 

— Bethany Bushen, Behind the Setlist

Chi & Greg, formerly known as the Heartland Nomads, are a Brooklyn-based duo made up of Chi Ko and Gregory Meyer. The two met in Los Angeles while working at Liberty in North Korea, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and resettling North Korean refugees. Following the tragic deaths of their three friends — Calvin, Shane, and Karolina — they made it their ambition to seize the day and chase after their long-abandoned dreams.

With powerhouse vocals, lyrically-driven melodies, and a thrilling stage presence, these two tap into something deep below the surface. Their songs and stories are honest and vulnerable, carrying undertones of truth and hope. They create intimate spaces for people to feel their emotions by talking about the heaviness that we, as humans, all carry and try to hide. Their music speaks straight to the heart and reminds us that we are not alone.

In 2015, they began writing and making music together, performing for people on the streets of Long Beach. One year later, they packed up their two, small cars and moved across the country, from Los Angeles to New York City. In October 2016, they released their debut EP, Small but Fortunate. And in 2017, they went on a Small But Fortunate National Tour with Sofar Sounds. They are currently working on their next EP, and they hope to release it in 2019.